Appeals and Administrative Reviews

Appeals and Administrative Reviews

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How we can help you with your Appeals and Administrative Reviews

Once we have completed the free consultation and have reviewed all the reasons for refusal and documents that you submitted with your application, we will give you the analysis of your case.

If you choose to instruct us for your appeal or administrative review we will do the following

• Take detailed instructions from you and advice on the relevant immigration rules and applicable case law where this is relevant.
• Advise you on the evidence required to be prepared to support the admin review application or appeal.
• Check the documents you provided to ensure that they are adequate and sufficient and we will discuss same with you.
• Complete the relevant administrative review and / or appeals forms
• Prepare witness statements and bundles for submission to the Home Office or the Appeals Tribunal.
• Liaising with the Home Office towards obtaining updates on the administrative review and ion the case of an appeal checking with the Immigration Tribunal for updates on the listing of your appeal.
• Advise you on the outcome of your appeal or administrative review and the implications of whatever decision is reached by either the Home Office-for the Admin review or the Immigration tribunal for the appeal.

Our Service to persons overseas – Visa or Entry clearance applications

We offer a free initial consultation and assessment in the first instance to check whether you are eligible to make the application, the immigration rules that are applicable, whether you have the right supporting documents and we will explain how you will apply, the cost implications and we will answer any questions you have and finally will advise you on strengths and weaknesses of your case and the options that are available to you.

In Nigeria we provide this service through our free immigration seminars, or a visit to our office.

Full preparation and legal representation

On the other hand for persons who need a full representation this will include:-

  • Eligibility check, and
  • Completing the visa application form online forms, and
  • Checking all supporting documents, and
  • Drafting a detailed legal letter in support of the application, and
  • Acting as the legal representatives during the consideration process.

Application checking service

This is usually for applicants who usually do not want to use a full immigration representation service but want an immigration adviser to check the completed visa application or in-country application and the supporting documents prior to submission, to make sure that the application and its enclosures meet the requirements of the rules before submission.

Our Service Vision

Most immigrants from any part of the world either seeking entry into the United Kingdom / European Union or seeking leave to remain would agree that trying to get any successful immigration application now under the new stringent rules can be likened to a “Battle Ground”. The laws and rules are frequently changing and the rules are often complex and difficult to follow.

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