Immigration Categories


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Family Immigration Category

  • Spouses joining partners to settle or for temporary stay
  • Unmarried partners, Civil partners, Fiancés wishing to join UK resident partner
  • Dependent Relatives
  • Parents wanting to settle with children in UK
  • Individuals wanting to visit family members in the UK
  • Dependants of main applicants under PBS
  • Adopted children / Fostered children and migration to United Kingdome

Economic European area Immigration

This service covers assistance to people on how to enter and/or to remain in any of the European Union member states using the European Community Immigration Laws and procedures. This includes:

    • EEA Residence Permits
    • EEA Citizenship Applications
    • EEA Family permits
    • Schengen visas

Please note that if you are a British Citizen or the family member of a British Citizen who is struggling to enter the United Kingdom because of the changes to Financial requirements of sponsors or due to a ban, you can rely on European Union law in certain circumstances. Contact us for further details.

Other Applications

  • Right of Abode Certificate of Entitlement
  • UK Ancestry Visas
  • British Passport Applications
  • EU Residence Permits and Appeals
  • Schengen Visas Appeals against refusal
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom
  • Human Rights Applications
  • Further Submissions for Illegal Entrants, Overstayers or failed Asylum Seekers

Our Services

Individual Immigration

This covers the various types of 6 month or 12 month Visitor’s Visas and includes the following:

  • Visitor’s Visas for six months; 2 years; 5years or 10 years
  • Short term student’s visa for 6-11 months
  • Family Visitors Visa for six months and right of appeal if refused

Using Our Service

For advice and assistance on any of our services please come into any of our offices where one of our trained Associate Immigration Advisers will first spend a few minutes with you to quickly establish whether your enquiry comes under any of the services that you require.

If it is established that we cannot help you, our adviser will tell you why and s/he will offer you some alternatives.

Working In The UK

One of the other key methods of entry into the United Kingdom is through the Points Based System or PBS and Dele Adedeji Esq. is on hand to show and support the applicant in making a successful application depending on the applicable category.

Our Service Vision

Most immigrants from any part of the world either seeking entry into the United Kingdom / European Union or seeking leave to remain would agree that trying to get any successful immigration application now under the new stringent rules can be likened to a “Battle Ground”. The laws and rules are frequently changing and the rules are often complex and difficult to follow.